Why so sad, Jack? Oh, right.... Why so sad, Jack? Oh, right....

Wednesday's ratings recap:

8 pm/ET
American Idol dominated with 25.4 million total viewers, albeit a 15 percent plunge from last Wednesday's audition show. ABC's Lost: Destiny Calls clip show placed second with 8.48 mil, followed by CBS' sitcombo of Christine (7.44 mil, down 280K) and Gary (7.07 mil).

Falling shy of five mil, Knight Rider slowed down by 360 thou. 13: Fear Is Real (1.36 mil) scared away another 210 thousand viewers.

9 pm
Criminal Minds topped the hour with 13.86 million viewers, dipping just 190K versus increased competition. Fox's Lie to Me premiered to 13.2 million, but the truth is it shed more than three million samplers over the hour and fell to third come 9:30.

Lost's two-hour season opener averaged 11.37 mil, down 29 percent from the series' year ago premiere and down 830K from the Season 4 finale.

10 pm
CSI: NY (11.75 mil) slipped eight percent week-to-week but still bested the back half of Lost (which, however, claimed No. 1 in the demos). Law & Order (8.49 mil) enjoyed a 300-thou gain.