Lost Lost

Wednesday's ratings recap:

8 pm/ET
Fox's Lie to Me led the pack with an audience of 10.03 million total viewers, down 10 percent from its week-ago time-period premiere. CBS' sitcoms combined for second, though both Old Christine (7.37 mil, down 260K) and Gary (7.57 mil, down 140K) dipped a bit.

Placing third was ABC's Scrubs (5.8 mil) and lead-out Better Off Ted (which premiered to 5.64 mil). Top Model (3.6 mil) tumbled 19 percent yet still bested NBC's rotting Chopping Block (3.46 mil).

9 pm
American Idol's results show delivered 23 million viewers, slipping 7 percent week-to-week. Criminal Minds followed with 13.5 mil, down a half mil. Lost's numbers weren't terribly groovy, dropping 14 percent to an all-time low of 9.08 mil. (Next week, Sawyer & Co. face an even tougher hurdle: Idol's Obama-cized, two-hour performance show!) Life also took a plunge, to 4.22 mil.

10 pm
CSI: NY won the hour with 12.7 million viewers (down 800K), followed by Law & Order (7.07 mil, down 530K). Life on Mars showed some life, surging 15 percent to 5.27 mil.