American Idol Gives back by Jackson Hill/Fox American Idol Gives back by Jackson Hill/Fox

Wednesday's roundup:

8 pm/ET
Idol Gives Back averaged 17.6 million total viewers, a 33 percent drop from last year's fund-raiser night. Keep in mind, back then we thought someone was getting the boot. Maybe peeps simply don't tune in to be scared by Robin Williams? Let's hope the donations didn't suffer.

9 pm
Criminal Minds placed second behind Idol with 13.1 mil, gaining 300K week-to-week.

10 pm
CSI: NY did 12.23 mil, a drop of 600 thou. Primetime was No. 2 with 8.2 mil.

More ratings news: CBS' The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week topped NBC's Conan O'Brien for the first time ever in a full week of original head-to-head broadcasts, averaging 1.88 mil.