Monday's ratings stories of note:

- ABC's presentation of the Country Music Awards averaged 15.9 million total viewers for the night, besting all comers 'cept the 10 o'clock hour's CSI: Miami (16.5 mil).
- How I Met Your Mother (8.43 million) dipped a full 1.3 mil from its last fresh outing (which, to be fair, was its second best of the season), while lead-out The Class (7.7 mil) had another 400K absentees.
- Fox's Prison Break (8.62 mil) was down 300,000, and lead-out Justice (5.81 mil) slipped 700K.
- After two weeks of record highs, Heroes came back to earth with 14.33 million viewers, down 400-thou from last week.
- Welcomed back by an audience of 7.78 mil, Studio 60 was up a tick from its last outing, but shy of the 8.29 mil Friday Night Lights tackled as an Oct. 30 fill-in.