* I introduced myself to Oprah's BFF Gayle King last night at a preview screening of

Dreamgirls at the 68th Street Loews. As she was making her way to her seat, we locked eyes, and I very casually blurted out, "Hi, Gayle." Without missing a beat, she said hello back and we launched into a full-on conversation. She mentioned that this was her third time seeing the film this week, and I told her I loved the "Best Pizza in America" segment she did on Oprah last month - especially the part where she accidentally bit into the prop pizza that was placed on the stage for decoration. She chuckled, made some crack about how she's here to "protect and serve," and then took her seat. As for the movie itself, I'd give it a solid B. The hype surrounding Jennifer Hudson was much ado about something - her rendition of "And I Am Telling You (I'm Not Going)" will blow you away - but the rest of the movie left me kind of cold. Chicago it is not. * My top five episodes of the past week (or so) are as follows: Last Friday's fraktastically pugilistic Battlestar Galactica; Tuesday's Friday Night Lights, which featured the funniest line of the TV season with "Don't blame the couture"; last Thursday's holiday-themed Ugly Betty (Marc and Amanda are the new Jack and Karen); Monday's fall finale of Heroes; and last Thursday's Scrubs premiere (last night's ep was just OK). * This could be the weekend that I finally fall victim to Dexter. Depends how much shopping I get done Saturday. * Proving that a show with no network support can survive on the strength of word of mouth alone, last night's The O.C. was up one million viewers from the previous week. * And the winner for the chain store with the friendliest, most-helpful-without-being-overbearing customer service goes to... The Container Store. Ten minutes in that place is better than 20 mg of Prozac. Not that I know what 20 mg of Prozac feels like. * Rudolph's on tonight! I know I can pop in the DVD whenever I want, but there's just something oddly comforting about the annual CBS telecast. Maybe it's those kitschy interstitials. * Those of you going to the TV Guide-sponsored Battlestar screening here in New York next Thursday are in for a treat: I'm gonna be there!