Rainn Wilson by Chris Haston/NBC Photo Rainn Wilson by Chris Haston/NBC Photo

Out promoting The Rocker, a big-screen comedy in which he plays a coulda-been metal-band star (hitting theaters Aug. 20), Rainn Wilson set the record straight on what NBC's spin-off of The Office is, and what it isn't.

First clarifying an old rumor that his Dwight was to front the follow-up, Wilson explained why that was never the case: "No. 1, they would never break up a formula that's already working. No. 2, they cast Amy Poehler [as the lead]. And No. 3, it's not going to be a spin-off per se." In fact, all that is known about the Poehler vehicle at this early stage is that it is being developed by Office scribes Michael Schur and Greg Daniels. Period.

As to what Dwight will be up to, Wilson shrugged, "I have no idea," having yet to spy a single Season 5 script. That said, he told TVGuide.com that the notion of Angela bearing Dwight a Schrute yout' - as was speculated when scene partner Angela Kinsey became pregnant in real life - "would be brilliant... awesome. You should suggest that!" Er, but it's a bit late now, yes? ( Kinsey delivered in early May.)

Comic-Con fans next will get face time with Wilson, as he heads to the San Diego confab to promote all things Dunder-Mifflin. Asked if he might show up in costume, as do many of the attendees, he nodded, "I'm going to dress either as a beet, a bear, or as Battlestar Galactica." - Matt Mitovich

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