Actor Daniel Radcliffe — star of the Harry Potter films — has begun to surpass his boy-wizard character. Seems the 14-year-old is aging faster than the cinema adaptations of J.K. Rowling's novels can be made! While Harry's technically still prepubescent in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (opening June 4), his portrayer already shows signs of adolescence.

"Hormones are interesting things," he admits. "Most of [the cast] is noticing members of the opposite sex because we're now 14."

Adolescence is hard enough for most kids, but being known worldwide as the bespectacled student of sorcery must be even tougher. "It is not as different as people would expect," says the poised young man. "I'm going through what every other teenager goes through, except with posters [of me everywhere]."

Of course, starring in enormous blockbuster films does have its perks: Cute teenage girls pay extra attention to him. "Maybe a bit," he smirks, "but I'm not complaining."

In fact, Radcliffe had a very revealing encounter with one TRL fan. "It was the first time I'd ever been at MTV and they've got those huge windows all around," he says. "Carson Daly took me over to one of the windows. We looked down and there was a girl standing down there, wrapped in a towel — and nothing else — holding a sign that said, 'Nothing comes between me and Harry Potter.'

"It was a Harry Potter towel," he laughs, "so that made me feel better."