Sometimes the bigger you are, the harder you fall. Pro wrestlers Lori and Bolo experienced that maxim firsthand on Tuesday's episode of The Amazing Race. Although they had a substantial lead going into the final challenge — a race to the top of Sri Lanka's Lion's Rock — Bolo overlooked a crucial piece of info, forcing a very grumpy Lori to run back down the thousand-step staircase. By the time she finally reached the top, the other racers had come and gone. The duo finished the task, but weren't able to avoid Philimination. Here, Lori and Bolo rehash their error and discuss their, er... unique relationship.

TV Guide Online: Bolo, what went through your mind when you realized that Lori didn't have her ticket?
Actually, Lori went through my mind, because I knew the minute she came back down that she was going to be all up [in my face] — which she was. At that point, I knew it was over because the other racers had already gone up the stairs.
Lori: That set us back about a half hour. I should have come back down quicker, but I was tired and I hoped they'd let me through. I actually thought one of the other racers had been able to get through without his ticket; I thought he got a ticket from a tourist at the gate because someone did hand him one. But he ended up going back down and I thought he was going up. I should have run back with him.

TVGO: It must've been hard to be eliminated for such a small mistake, especially after fighting so hard to come back from last place during that leg in Hungary.
Yeah, after that, we were like, "Let's slow down and start reading clues more carefully." But your mind messes with you and we were exhausted. Muscle people eat more to make our brains function and everyone else was skinny little ugly people — I'm just kiddin' [Laughs] — so they don't have to have as much food. I think that's the thing that stressed us out.
Bolo: I lost 27 lbs. during the race. By the end, I was very fatigued and my muscles were cramping up. Physically, I probably could have continued, but mentally, I was so tired.

TVGO: Are you still angry with each other for the mistake?
Nah, the next day is always a new day with us. I say what I got to say, he says what he's got to say and we meet in the middle and then just go on our way. It's a game and we made a mistake. But I do give him a little smirk about it still.

TVGO: You were a fun team to watch. You argued quite a bit, but it never felt uncomfortable like it did with Jonathan and Victoria. You clearly respected each other.
We're real people. You didn't see us going around saying "Oh honey, oh baby" all the time. It was "Shut up, jerk! No, you shut up!" That's all you heard from us and it was all good because we respect each other. We know that we argue, but we love each other at the end of the day.
Lori: I think Hayden and Aaron thought that we were degrading ourselves, but I actually thought that she was degrading herself by going "Oh baby" all the time. Hayden's stuff got kind of old. Eventually, even Aaron was just like, "Quit being such a bitch!"
Bolo: She reminded me of my mother! [In a falsetto voice] "Oh honey, honey... Can you do this, honey?" They're very nice people, but on the race, they got on your nerves.

TVGO: Were there any scenes that didn't make the final cut that you wish had been included?
Yeah, when I grabbed Jonathan by his backpack at the airport and threw him out of the way. Our plane was coming in before the other team's plane and he kept asking the lady at the counter, "Can you call the captain and tell him to speed up? We're in a race." And she was like, "I can't do that." So I grabbed him and said, "Will you move out of my way 'cause you are driving me nuts!" I think I scared him. He just looked at me and then said to the camera, "She's mean."
Bolo: When we got on the plane in Lalibela, Ethiopia, I was so sick from the food that I stunk it up. The pilots almost had to get off the plane. People don't want to admit their farts smell good, but this sucker made your eyes water. I was sitting back there saying, "Yeah, that's mine!"

TVGO: Bolo, you've alluded to your troubled past. Can you talk more about that?
This was about eight years ago, before I met Lori; I was going down the wrong road in life and I got arrested quite a few times for beating people up and stuff like that.Lori: A lot of his fights were because people picked on him for being a skinny little pretty boy.Bolo: Yeah, back then I weighed about a buck-sixty and people picked on me all the time, so I'd smack 'em. And I had Special Forces training from my time in the military as well as a black belt in Shotokan karate. It was a hard time in my life, and it was the wrong thing to [strike out] when people would run their mouths. I don't go there anymore — it's too easy for me to hurt somebody. Meeting Lori completely changed my life and I owe her forever for that. I'm older and I'm more mature.Lori: Older maybe, but not more mature! [Laughs] Now I do the fighting for him.

TVGO: What organization did you wrestle for?
I worked for the WWE for a little while, mainly in the Southeast. My name was B.A.D., which are my initials. I was one of the meanest guys in the industry. Everything was going really well until I shattered my leg. So that took me out of wrestling, and I started pursuing my acting career. That was always my main goal, but I thought wrestling would be a good way to start getting into it, which it actually wasn't.

TVGO: Will you two continue wrestling?
Not right now. I moved to L.A. about two months ago to pursue my acting and stunt career, and I've been working on picking managers and agents. And Lori really wants to pose for Playboy and muscle magazines and things like that. She also wants to do more barrel racing.
Lori: Yeah, I was raised up in diapers riding horses because I grew up on a farm. I quit for a while, but then, a year and a half ago, I started running barrels again. Bolo bought me a nice mare and I've got some young horses I'm working with. I want to start going to the big rodeos you see on TV and be able to afford traveling around. But we live in two places right now, so it's hard for me to do that.

TVGO: I've gotta ask: Who could take whom in a fight?
It would be a good one, because I would never hit her.
Lori: But I'd hit him!
Bolo: She'd probably kick my butt, yeah. Unless I choked her out — I wouldn't hit her, but I could choke her out. I'd look the worst out of the whole deal, anyway.
Lori: You could fart on me! But I don't think you could hold me down very long.
Bolo: Let's put it this way: One time, me and my best friend tried to throw her in my dad's swimming pool. My friend is 6-foot-6 and weighs 370 lbs. and I weighed 250 lbs. at that point. We tried to put her in the pool and it wouldn't happen. The only way we did it was both of us jumping into the pool. I mean, the girl bench presses 315 lbs. She's worse than any man I've ever met.
Lori: Thank you. [Laughs]