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From The Hills to The City, TV viewers can't seem to get enough of overdramatic twentysomethings and their catty everyday lives. The CW has taken it one step further by putting the action in the not-so-friendly skies. Fly Girls (Wednesday, March 24 at 9/8c) chronicles the lives of five flight attendants who work for Virgin America and also live together, which creates plenty of tension.

Take sweet Mandy Roberts, the 26-year-old from Phoenix, and her frenemy, Nikole Rubyn, 31, from Sacramento. Watch the video below to get a taste of their relationship, then dive into the interview to see just how much of it is real.

Drama at 30,000 ft. on FLY GIRLS

Drama at 30,000 ft. on Fly Girls.|Fly Girls|

Is the drama between you two manufactured for TV?
We've known each other for a couple of years, and we used to live together, but what you see on the screen is all real. Rubyn: We're both Libras, and I'm a little older than her. I see a lot of her in me [with] the things I used to say and do at that age. She sees different things in me, so it really is a journey. We're two completely different personalities and we don't always get along, but—Roberts: But we've got love for each other.Nikole, are you prepared to be the villain of the show?
I don't think that I'm the villain, I just think I speak my mind. I would encourage any woman to do that. That's how you have to get ahead. If your voice is not heard, then you're silent. Roberts: Villain is the wrong word. She's the spicy one.Add full episodes of Fly Girls to your DVR

Do the other roommates pale in comparison to the drama you two have with each other?
It's five girls and we all live in a house — there's going to be drama. Rubyn: I think collectively, I irritate everyone on my own. So you get to see me fight with everyone, not just Mandy.Because you are traveling constantly, do you feel you're not able to make connections with people?
I'm very much attached to my two Chihuahuas, so I'm not worried about that. Roberts: It is difficult to maintain really solid relationships because you're always gone. I have friend groups in all these different cities, and I'm always missing out on something. That feels a little disconnected.Do you guys feel like you end up being the stereotypical flight attendants, with sleazy guys hitting on you or cracking on your job?
There are stereotypes and fantasies, but you can't help that. It's still your job. The prime concern for us on the plane is to make sure that all of the guests are safe. Anything beyond  that is just for fun. People are flirtatious. Rubyn: Initially when people come on board they treat us the way they've been treated the last 10 years in the industry. They're very demanding and order you around, but after about 30 seconds, they see this genuine smile on our face and they relax.Check out videos of the Fly Girls
Have either of you joined the Mile High Club or have had that happen on one of your own flights?
Seen it, never done it. Rubyn: It would have to be a private jet for me to do the Mile High Club, so maybe one day. Roberts: It's kind of like you turn a blind eye to it. There was a couple in the back row on a red eye and they got up to use the restroom when the flight attendants were collecting trash, and I thought, "Hmm, that's interesting."Rubyn: Safe sex, that's all I've got to say. Do it where you want, when you want, just be safe.Roberts: I'm not your mother, I'm just your flight attendant. If the seat belt sign comes on, come out please.Rubyn: Just wash your hands.Will you be watching the in-flight drama of Fly Girls?