Question: Will Witchblade continue after this season? I only ask because the last episode in the series had such a shocker ending that it almost seemed as if there was no need to continue. Or maybe they were setting it up that way. And if it is going to continue, when will it premiere? Since TNT's season for this show was so different from the other networks, I'm a little confused (and the show's web page doesn't say). If you could provide any insight on this one, I'd appreciate it. Thank you. — Jena B., Anchorage, Alaska

Televisionary: Oh, come now, Jena — "no need to continue?" One little time warp and you're ready to throw in the towel on the whole thing? For shame!

Ah, what the heck — they

did come up with a puzzler of a season ender, didn't they? Never fear, though. The network recently announced another 13-episode order for the successful series, so you should see that cliffhanger resolved. Other details are forthcoming, but a pal at TNT told me the new season will kick off sometime in June.