Question: On My Wife and Kids, the little girl who plays Kady is named Parker McKenna Posey. And an actress in the movie Hell On Heels is named Parker Posey. I was just wondering, are the two related? In Parker McKenna Posey's bio it says her mother is an actress. Are they mother and daughter? — Chris T., Shreveport, La.

Televisionary: That they aren't, Chris. The wee Kady lady's mom is actress Heather Stone and she's no relation to the indie actress, though, like that Posey, McKenna Posey is building a fairly sizable credit list at a young age. She landed the Wife and Kids role on her first-ever audition, and you may have caught her in various commercials, in an NYPD Blue episode or in the video for Macy Gray's "Sweet, Sweet Baby."

You may have caught Parker Posey the elder in her early '90s As the World Turns, but if Hell On Heels is the only movie you've seen her in, you need to catch more movies. She's been in such fare as Dazed and Confused, Basquiat, The Daytrippers, Clockwatchers, The House of Yes, You've Got Mail and Scream 3, to name but a few. On the small screen, she made quite an impression in Tales of the City and More Tales of the City.