Question: While I am thrilled that Keri Russell is going to be in Mission: Impossible 3 (Entertainment News 6/15), I am also a little worried. Look what Tom Cruise did to sweet, innocent Katie Holmes. Please, Michael — warn Keri! — Luke

Ausiello: Believe me, I tried. The moment I heard Keri's MI:3 deal was done, I called her cell to a) offer my heartfelt congratulations, b) tell her I miss her and c) urge her to steer clear of those Scientology tents on the Impossible set. So imagine my surprise (read: horror) when the call went to voicemail and it wasn't her voice that I heard but my friend Nick's! Somehow when I went to program her number in my new cell phone, I inserted Nick's instead! Long story short: I lost Keri's digits, and perhaps Keri herself, forever. Why do these things always happen to me!