Question: A few summers ago, my friend and I watched a show presented by Coca-Cola about kids in a boarding school. One of the characters was a girl who attended the guys' school and another moved to Dawson's Creek in the fall. We can't remember what the show was called; can you please help us? — Dafna, West Hempstead, N.Y.

Televisionary: You're thinking of the WB's Young Americans, which aired in the summer of 2000 and focused on the lives and loves of, well... young Americans attending a boarding school and the townies who lived near it. Rodney Scott's Will Krudski moved from Dawson's Creek to this short-lived hour-long drama, appearing alongside Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush) and Katherine Moennig, who played Jacqueline/Jake, the young lady who attended the school as a young man.