Question: When is the season finale of Without A Trace? Thank you. — Leda C., Cobden, Ill.

Televisionary: It's actually a two-part season finale, Leda, so I'd image you'll want to catch both. (Canny assumption, eh? That's why I'm the Televisionary.)

Part one of the story, set for May 8, involves Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) and company searching for a woman who's vanished from the workplace without — you guessed it — a trace. But the case turns into a hostage crisis that threatens one of the main characters.

Being the Televisionary, I know which one, of course, but revealing that information would undoubtedly annoy you, the network, or both. And if either of you came after me it'd get out that TV omniscience isn't much of a power when it comes to self-defense. Plus I emit a rather unpleasant, high-pitched cry when I'm in pain, so I'd just as soon avoid the whole mess, thanks.