Question: Ever since I saw the first trailer for Blue Crush, I have been trying to remember where I have seen the star before. I think she played Evie on a show from the late '80s called Out of This World, on which her dad was an alien or someting to that effect. However, my brother disagrees and bet me $50. We agreed that you could be the final arbiter, so please, make me 50 bucks richer! — Josh, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Televisionary: The only way I could do that, Josh, would be to either lie or cut you a check for $100 so you'd still be 50 up after paying your bro. Since I'm not planning on doing either of those things, you'll just have to cough up the cash.

You may have caught Blue Crush star Kate Bosworth on the short-lived WB show Young Americans a couple years back. However, neither she nor Crush co-stars Michelle Rodriguez, Sanoe Lake or Mika Boorem were anywhere near Out of This World.

'Twas a young Maureen Flannigan (7th Heaven) playing superpowered Evie Garland, daughter of a private-school head (Angie's Donna Pescow) and an alien (voiced by Evening Shade's Burt Reynolds) who'd been called back to his planet not long after Evie's birth. Ninety-six episodes of the syndicated show were produced from 1987-91.