Question: I remember watching a cable movie in the '80s about a world where it rained every day and the sun only came out once a year. It took place at an elementary school and showed the children preparing for the sun and the main character ends up locked in a closet and misses the whole day. Can you give me any information? — Elana, Boston

Televisionary: That I can, Elana — and that story is truly a heartbreaker, isn't it?

You're looking for the Learning Corporation of America's production of the classic Ray Bradbury short story "All Summer in a Day," which was released in 1982. The story takes place on the planet Venus, where young Margot weathers (no pun intended) the constant rain while missing her days of enjoying the sun on Earth. As you say, she's locked in the closet by mean-spirited classmates, who then forget about her and leave her in there during the short, extremely rare time the sun actually shines. Good stuff, but crushing.

The half-hour production is available on VHS, but it'll set you back 50 bucks.