Question: I seem to remember there being a cartoon version of the movie Fantastic Voyage, only none of the characters from the film were in it. I can't find any references to it. Can you tell me the name of the show and the dates it was on? — Susan W., Sante Fe, N.M.

Televisionary: Indeed I can, Susan. The show was called, of all things, Fantastic Voyage, and it ran on ABC's Saturday-morning schedule for two years beginning in September 1968.

Taking the concept behind the 1966 film and running with it, the show centered on the exploits of the Combined Miniature Defense Force (CMDF), a group of hero scientists and explorers who would shrink to microscopic size to go on missions impossible for life-size folks.

Ted Knight (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) provided voices for several of the characters on the Filmation production, including eyepatch-wearing commander Jonathan Kidd, and also handled the narrating duties. Other crew members of the shrinking Voyager craft included Professor Carter (also voiced by Knight), biologist Erica and the superpowered Guru, who employed his unearthly talents when pure science couldn't get the job done.