Question: I was recently listening to the song "The Mummer's Dance" by Loreena McKennit. I thought I recognized it as the theme song to a show that ran on network TV in the early '90s, probably for less than a season. I can't remember anything about it. Could you possibly help me solve this mystery? It's really frustrating not knowing where I remember this song from. Thanks. — Jen, Mass.

Televisionary: That would be the short-lived period drama Legacy, which ran on UPN from October 1998 through July of the next year, Jen. (And I certainly sympathize with that song-driving-me-nuts phenomenon, as do many of your fellow readers; music questions make up a good portion of the mail I get.)

The series revolved around the Logans, an Irish horse-raising family living in Lexington, Ky., in the 1880s. Papa Ned (Brett Cullen, of Falcon Crest and The Young Riders fame) oversaw the whole outfit, which included sons Sean (Grayson McCouch) and Clay (Jeremy Garrett); rebellious orphan Jeremy (Ron Melendez), whom the Logans took in; and daughters Alice (Lea Moreno) and Lexy (Sarah Rayne).The cast also counted Sean's jilted former fianc&#233e Vivan (Lisa Sheridan), her scheming brother William (Sean Bridgers), beauteous housekeeper Marita (Sharon Leal) — who was the reason Ned dumped Vivian — and a host of others who drove Ned nuts as he struggled to keep his clan in one piece.

You might recognize some of these players from some current efforts: Leal plays teacher Marilyn Sudor on Fox's Boston Public, Moreno is First Daughter Camilla on NBC's DAG and Sheridan most recently showed up on Fox's short-lived Freakylinks.