Question: Who played the mayor on the television series That's Life? My husband and I have a large sum bet that it was Colin Higgins, the actor from the movie 9 to 5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed — I could really use the money! Thanks. — Wellie, Phoenixville, Pa.

Televisionary: Sorry, Wellie, but now you can really use it. Time to uncross those fingers and dig them into the old wallet because the actor who plays the mayor on CBS's That's Life is Peter Michael Goetz, not Mr. Higgins.

You may also have caught Goetz on The West Wing

, The Practice, Gilmore Girls, Family Law or in guest spots on a slew of other shows. While you're mourning the loss of your much-needed cash, you might check out some of his other work on video and think long and hard about the hazards of TV-show betting. The stage vet has appeared in such movies as The Empty Mirror, Father of the Bride and My Girl. And not to rub it in further, but as far as I know Higgins didn't appear in 9 to 5. He wrote and directed it. If you look carefully, however, you can see him in minor roles in flicks like Hope and Glory (a personal favorite) and Into the Night (which I still insist was underrated).