Question: Who was the past Family Feud host who committed suicide? — Angie

Televisionary: That was stand-up comedian Ray Combs, who hosted the show from 1988 to 1994.

Family Feud, hosted in its first incarnation by Richard Dawson (Hogan's Heroes), was a hit on ABC's daytime schedule and as a syndicated version over its initial 1977-85 run. CBS brought the show, hosted by Combs, back in the daytime in '88 and followed with a syndicated version, but both struggled. They replaced Combs with Dawson for its final year.

Sadly, after losing the Feud job, Combs suffered a painful spinal injury in a car accident, in addition to financial problems and the break-up of his marriage. In 1996, he hanged himself in the closet of his room in a Glendale, Calif., hospital psychicatric ward. He left his estranged wife and six children behind.