Question: You need to warn your devoted followers when you're going to be away from your "Entertainment News" column. What kind of business were you out of town on last week anyway? — Joe

Ausiello: I was in Detroit with Matt Roush schmoozing with some of TV Guide's advertisers. (Just a quick shout-out to Carrie Sweeney and Steve Holman and the whole gang from BBDO. Thanks for talking me into that peanut butter sundae!) And regarding me giving readers a heads-up about my absences, I subscribe to the Today show school of thought on this issue: If you warn viewers ahead of time that Lester Holt will be filling in for Matt Lauer, no one will watch. That's not to knock our second-string columnist Ben Katner, who always does a smashing job when I'm away. But let's face it, you folks are here for me. You are, right?