Question: I need to know when the nighttime soap Paper Dolls aired and what the premise of the series was. Wasn't that Nicollette Sheridan's first role on TV? — Kamal H., Cherry Hill, N.J.

Televisionary: Paper Dolls debuted on ABC's schedule in September 1984, Kamal, but not for long. Three months later it was gone.

Based on a 1982 TV-movie of the same name, the series focused on the New York modeling and makeup biz and one of its biggest players, industry powerhouse Grant Harper (Lloyd Bridges). Also on board were his son Wesley (Dack Rambo) and daughter Blair (Mimi Rogers), Blair's husband David (Richard Beymer) and a host of other characters. Racine (Morgan Fairchild) headed a modeling outfit which brought along with it such headaches as teen model Taryn (Sheridan) and Taryn's pushy mom, Julia (Brenda Vaccaro). Others in the sizable cast included Terry Farrell, Lauren Hutton, Jonathan Frakes and Larry Linville.

And it was indeed the first TV role for Sheridan (Desperate Housewives), who later found a longer-running gig playing Knots Landing's Paige Matheson from 1986-93.