Question: Mr. Televisionary, please help me. I'm looking for the original title of an American serial shown in Italy in the late '70s. The Italian title sounded like The Wonderful World of Mr. Monroe and the show involved a comics painter living in a nice house with his wife, a dog and a daughter. Sometimes the human characters were presented as comics Mr. Monroe painted. I can't find anyone among my friends who remembers this. I know I wasn't drunk. Can you help me? I can offer you a fine bottle of Chianti if you bring me back this memory. — Luigi, Firenze, Italy

Televisionary: Ah, Luigi — if only I could accept bribes. Answering you gives me an excuse to do the next best thing, however, so at lunch I plan to run out to the corner liquor store, buy myself a nice bottle, drink the entire thing myself and then tell my boss it's your fault. Sound like a plan?

Anyway, your question brings up a common dilemma I face with this column. I'll write about a given show, and then someone desperate for knowledge will write me months or even years later to ask about the same show. Now, I don't want to repeat myself, but I also want to help my readers. So every now and then I'll err on the side of kindness and link you to an old answer. You're thinking of My World and Welcome to It, which starred William Windom as writer-cartoonist John Monroe. You can read more about with this search link.