Question: Mr. T., I'm trying to remember an old series from the '50s. The theme song spelled out the name of the main family, the Harrigans. Please inform me about the cast, characters and premise for the show. Thanks. — Joe T.

Televisionary: I don't have much, Joe, but I can tell you you're thinking of Harrigan and Son, a comedy about lawyers James Harrigan Sr. (Pat O'Brien) and Jr. (Roger Perry), the latter a recent Harvard Law School grad. Georgine Darcy and Helen Keeb played their secretaries, and there ain't much more than that because the show only ran for a year or so beginning in October 1960. The theme song, by the way, was George M. Cohan's "Harrigan," from his 1908 musical Fifty Miles from Boston. It later showed up, of course, in James Cagney's classic Yankee Doodle Dandy, which is where most people remember it from. (Well, that or the stellar Gilligan's Island version: "G, I, double-L, I... G-A-N spells Gilligan....")