Question: So, if Melanie Griffith is out of Gilmore Girls (Ask Ausiello 3/9), who's the actress they're talking to now? Surely you found something out while on set. — Melanie Autin

Ausiello: Actually, I jumped the gun when I said Ms. Griffith had turned down the gig. According to Amy Sherman-Palladino, if the scheduling can be worked out, Antonio's paler half — who was recently sidelined with a broken foot — is game to appear on the show either this season or next. "We logistically haven't found the time when she's in town, out of a cast, and available for an episode," Amy told me. "She's interested and all parties are go. It's a story line we won't do unless we have Melanie Griffith. It's for her." I thought about telling Ms. Sherman-Palladino about all the anti-Melanie sentiment pouring into Ask Ausiello in recent weeks, but I just didn't have the heart. She's a big Melanie fan.