Question: When I was living in South America in the mid-'80s, I saw a dubbed American action/fantasy show, but I cannot remember the title. There were several segments within the show, one dealing with a car that was run-down and ugly, but became new and had superpowers when you put a special horn on it. Another had some kids who had been shrunk by a mad scientist. The last one dealt with a pair of women superheroes, sort of a female Batman and Robin. Any info on what the show was called and when it ran would be appreciated. — Caroline A., Cantonment, Fla.

Televisionary: The car did indeed gain superpowers, but you forgot to mention that it also became sentient, which always sort of freaked me out as a kid, Caroline.

You're thinking of The Krofft Super Show, which was created by brothers Sid and Marty Krofft (H.R. Pufnstuf, Lidsville, Land of the Lost) and ran for two years on ABC's Saturday-morning schedule beginning in September 1976. Wonderbug was indeed a run-down dune buggy found in a junkyard by teens Barry, C.C. and Susan. But when they put a magic horn on the buggy, it came to life, its headlights became eyes and it could fly, all of which came in handy when helping its pals fight crime. Also in the mix were Electrawoman and Dynagirl, two female news reporters who also had super abilities and fought crime; Dr. Shrinker, a doctor who, as the title suggests, shrunk three teens; and The Lost Saucer, which carried the robotic Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi through time and back to '70s-era Earth.

In the second season, the show was again hosted by TV band Kaptain Kool and the Kongs. But Wonderbug was gone and all-thumbs genie Magic Mongo stepped in, along with Bigfoot and Wildboy, which revolved around the adventures of the heroic Sasquatch and his ward, a kid who was orphaned in the Pacific-Northwest wilderness.

In 1978 the show jumped to NBC, Kaptain Kool and his cohorts were gone and the Bay City Rollers came on board. The Bay City Rollers Show, as it was then called, only lasted a matter of months, but some of the segments were later rerun in other configurations.