Question: I know I saw an episode of Little House on the Prairie in which a tornado came and Laura, who was married and had Rose, got down into the cellar outside and the house was destroyed. I have read over the shows in the ShowGuide and do not see it anywhere. It would have to be in the last season, after she marries, but I don't see it. Was it a special episode? It's a question I've had for years now, and I would love to know! Thanks. — Tracey T.

Televisionary: Oh, it was special, all right. The two-part "Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow," which first aired in February 1982, featured tough times for Laura (Melissa Gilbert) and Co.

I mean, sure, baby Rose came into their lives. But then a hailstorm destroyed their crop (that pesky hail destroyed Michael Landon's crop in Season 1 as well), Almanzo (Dean Butler) was partially paralyzed by a stroke, and a twister flattened their house. Why, it was nearly as bad as the time Laura tried to domesticate a raccoon even though Pa Ingalls told her not to.