Question: Any idea when we'll finally see a new episode of Desperate Housewives? It feels like years! I'm having serious withdrawal. — Sue

Ausiello: March 27. The episode is titled "The Ladies Who Lunch" and features the return of Sharon Lawrence's S&M vixen Maisy Gibbons. Elsewhere, Gabrielle's plumbing goes out and she doesn't have the money to fix it, and Lynette's twins are blamed for a lice epidemic at their school. Isn't it about time she had these kids put down?

And on that note, I gotta go work on my Gilmore Girls cover story (!!!!) A big thanks to all you non-Gilmore fans for putting up with all the Stars Hollow excess in this week's AA. I promise, next week I'll limit GG to one, possibly two questions. Three at the most. No more than four. Seriously, four's the max.