Question: Hi, TV people. We have watched Nash Bridges since it started, but we must have missed something. What happened to Evan? They talk like he died. If he did, what happened to him and when did it air? Thanks. — AP

Televisionary: "People?" C'mon, now, AP — my wife'll tell you I often contradict myself and even have trouble making my mind up, but you're the first to accuse me of exhibiting multiple personalities. Then again, you refer to yourself in the plural, so perhaps you're some sort of Borg-like communal entity that thinks as one and you assume everyone else is, too?

Be that as it may, you must have missed last year's season ender. Evan Cortez (Jaim&#233 P. Gomez) was killed in Las Vegas by an assassin while working undercover. Many fans were shocked and upset by the death, but as the police genre goes, they should've seen this one coming. The guy was all set to elope with romantic interest Cassidy (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) and actually said something out loud about finally being happy. Next to being a few days short of retirement and a fat pension, an impending marriage is a hit-you-over-the-head hint that a TV- or film-cop's days are numbered.

Justice had its day in the end, though. Nash (Don Johnson) being Nash, he blew the killer's plane out of the sky with a missile. Case closed, dirtbag. End of story. (I don't remember if anyone actually said anything like that, mind you, but rest assured the sentiment was there.)