Question: Hi. Can you tell me who the blonde singer is on Ally McBeal? I have tried the website and can find nothing. I love her voice and would like to learn more about her. Thank you. — DeeAnn

Televisionary: That's singer-songwriter Vonda Shepard doing cover versions of such pop classics as "Someday We'll Be Together," "Tears on My Pillow," "Fire," "This Magic Moment," "It's So Easy" and a whole truckload of others on the show. A former backup singer for Jackson Browne, the New York native struggled to make a name in the biz before Ally creator David E. Kelley, a fan, brought her in to provide musical backup for the show and gave her career a bigtime boost.

If you like her work on the series, there are three bestselling compilations available:

Songs from Ally McBeal, Heart and Soul: New Songs from Ally McBeal and Ally McBeal: A Very Ally Christmas. You might also enjoy such solo efforts as her two eponymous albums, The Radical Light or It's Good Eve. If that's still not enough, on the way are: He Seder, She Seder: A Very Ally Passover and Up Your Ally: Still More Songs from Ally McBeal. (Alright... those last two aren't real.)