Question: Hi. My sister and I have a bet going about Yancy Butler, star of the new series on TNT called Witchblade. She says that she is sure that she was on a sci-fi type show around 1995 called Planet Earth. I say she wasn't. We went to [name of competing site edited out by cutthroat businessman Televisionary], which unfortunately seems to be the only database to look up that kind of stuff. Do you know of any others? It only lists a Monica somebody as the cast. Do you know if my sister is right, if I am right, or if we are both wrong? Please help! — Mike M., Muskegon, Mich.

Televisionary: Now, as my mama used to say (and still does), just you keep your voice down, mister. I can hear you just fine when you beg in a civilized tone. And don't think I'm not wounded at you kids coming to me as a last resort. Do I know of any others? Why, when it comes to films, nothing beats TV Guide Online's own Movies section and database. And when it comes to TV, nothing beats, well... me. (And if anything did, I wouldn't tell you.)

Anyway, I'm going to come at this one backwards since I'm not really sure which

Planet Earth series you have in mind. Starting with Ms. Butler's credits, however, I don't know of anything like that on her r&#233sum&#233. The star of the current TNT hit Witchblade (Tuesdays, 9 pm/ET) got her TV start as the beautiful crime-fighting cyborg Sgt. Eve Edison in NBC's short-lived Mann &#038 Machine, which was on the air for about four months or so in 1992. She also had leading roles in a couple of other here-and-gone dramas, like NBC's South Beach and producer Steven Bochco's CBS cop show, Brooklyn South. (You may also have spotted her in guest spots on NYPD Blue or Law &#038 Order — the lady's got a thing for police work.) On the big screen, she mixed it up with Jean-Claude Van Damme in Hard Target and plummeted through the sky with Wesley Snipes in Drop Zone. As far as Planet Earth goes, I'm really not sure which show you mean, other than a documentary of the same name, which is probably not it. Perhaps you're talking about NBC's Earth 2, which ran from November 1994 to May 1995? Starring such notables as Debrah Farentino, Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Rebecca Gayheart and produced by Steven Spielberg's Amblin Studios, that series tracked a group of humans trying to build a new life for themselves on a planet much like our own.

Sorry, but that's about all I could unearth.