Question: Someone help. Whatever happened to the superhero cartoons that used to come on after school in the 1970s (Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, Submariner, Spider-Man, Iron Man)? Is there a way I can still see these cartoons? Thanks a million. — Gregory R., Detroit, Mich.

Televisionary: Someone help? By Heimdall's beard, mortal, do you presume to invite others into my hallowed realm?

Sorry to geek out on you there, Gregory. How'd you like the Thor shtick? Not nearly as much as you'll like me telling you The Fantastic Four can be found on Boomerang, The Cartoon Network's classic-cartoon spinoff channel, I'll bet. (That is, of course, if your cable operator carries the channel.)

The other good news is that several '60s animated versions of various Marvel Comics properties are available on home video, though they may not be that easy to find. I don't like to give direct plugs to folks who really should be buying ads on our site (and thus keeping me employed), but the Serial Squadron site has a pretty good list list of links to retailers offering some of those tapes online. I'm also thinking you might be able to find a few at a video store near you, too.

Just be certain you're getting the right tapes. In 1966 Marvel syndicated an animated collection called The Marvel Superheroes, which included short segments featuring Thor, Cap, Greenskin, Shellhead and Subby (okay, so Gregory's probably the only one with me now) and also produced a separate Spider-Man series way back when. You'll want to make sure you're buying those and not the more recent versions (many of which, frankly, are better written and animated, but aren't what you're looking for).