Question: Who is the female actress who guest-starred on the January 9 episode of Will &#038 Grace?

Televisionary: Well, since January 9 was a Wednesday and Will &#038 Grace is a Thursday show, I'll assume you meant the 10th and go from there, okay?

I'll also assume you meant Lesley Ann Warren, who first played the part of mistress to Will's father (director Sydney Pollack) a year ago. As you saw, in this most recent appearance Grace (Debra Messing) hoped to set Warren's giggling girlfriend character up with a new guy and thus tempt her away from Will's dad, but complications and hilarity ensued. You may remember Warren from her Oscar-nominated performance in Victor/Victoria or from her TV work on Mission: Impossible and TV movies and miniseries like Portrait of a Stripper and Beulah Land.