Question: Why did Glenn Close quit The Shield (Ask Ausiello 5/11)? She is amazing on that show. I am so sick of Aceveda and his perverted ways. — Sharon

Ausiello: I spoke to exec producer Shawn Ryan last week and he explained that "[Glenn's] life is on the East Coast with her daughter and her boyfriend, and working here full-time [in Los Angeles] really put a crimp in that. But I would not rule out the possibility of seeing the character of Monica Rawling again on The Shield at some point."

In the meantime, Ryan hinted that Farmington's imperturbable captain would go a little Fatal Attraction on her fellow officers as Season 4's June 14 finale approaches. "When we brought Glenn onto the show, some people expected that she was going to go postal on people right away. We tried to do a more subdued thing. But after 11 or 12 episodes, we kind of felt like we had earned the right to get explosive a little bit. We're going to see tempers flare and decisions made that are difficult and we're going to see a lot of conflict." Does someone smell boiled rabbit?