Question: Which character died in the "Increase the Peace" episode of Hanging with Mr. Cooper? — Andrew W., Whitehall, Pa.

Televisionary: Funny thing, Andrew. In finding this answer, I came across the exact same question in an Internet scavenger hunt that looks like it was given by a teacher to her technology class as an assignment. Now, the only reason I'm answering this is because by the time it appears, the deadline for your homework (if that's what it is) will have long since passed.

The character who died in the Season 4 episode of the ABC series was named Monica, a girl whom Earvin (Omar Gooding) got involved with and whose brother's gang activities got her killed.

The reason you couldn't find it yourself, by the way, is because you were searching on "hanging" when you should've been looking for "hangin'," as in Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.