Question: In the CBS movie Living with the Dead, who did Ted Danson portray?


He played celebrity psychic James Van Praagh, who, like Crossing Over's John Edwards, claims to be able to contact the dead. A former sitcom writer and Paramount paralegal (and no, that doesn't mean he specialized in supernatural law), Van Praagh says he used to see spirits all the time as a child, lost the ability at the age of eight or nine and regained it 20 years later.

Whether he can or not, his success is out of this world — his 1998 book Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death was a bestseller. And the spirits certainly smiled upon the Danson movie, which was a ratings winner.

Dead set on seeing more of him? You're in luck. Beyond with James Van Praagh, a syndicated TV show, is set to debut this fall.