Question: In your Aug. 19 column you mentioned the Nathan Laneseries Encore, Encore; but what was that very (and perhaps mercifully) short-lived series about Nathan being a gay congressman? — Randall, Hollister, Cal.

Televisionary: Jeez, Randall. Forgotten already? CBS only pulled the show at the end of June. Then again, judging by Charlie Lawrence's low ratings, it didn't stick with too many other people, either.

Lane, the acclaimed Broadway and film talent, played gay TV star-turned-congressman Charlie on the show, which debuted in mid-June. He was a first-term representative from New Mexico, with Laurie Metcalf (Roseanne, Norm) as his biggest fan-turned-office manager and Ted McGinley (Married... with Children, Happy Days) as his neighbor, pal and political opposite.

Unfortunately for all involved, the series proved to be about as popular with fans as deficit control is with real politicians, pulling a mere 1.0 rating and a 3 share with the much-coveted 18-49 audience over two Sunday nights. CBS yanked it from the schedule right after that; no official word on it returning, but it's highly unlikely since there are only five more shows in the can.