Question: I have asked this question several times and here I go again. On the PBS TV show Clifford the Big Red Dog, who is the voice of Clifford? I am betting it's John Ritter. I just never have the chance to see the credits and that is why I am asking. Thanks, for the third time! &#151 Ann, Chicago, Ill.

Televisionary: But look at the bright side, Ann. Clifford's an educational show, this is an educational column, and now I've motivated you to count to three. Everybody wins!

Yeah, I know I'm being a smart aleck. But I'll make up for it by telling you you're right; Clifford is indeed voiced by Three's Company and 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter star Ritter. Since you keep missing the credits and I do so love my readers, I'll tell you the cast also includes Kel Mitchell (T-Bone), Grey DeLisle (Emily Elizabeth), Gary Leroi Grey (Charley), Cree Summer (Cleo), Cameron Clarke (Mac), Kath Soucie (Jetta) and T.C. Carson (Samuel).

And you're not alone in your love of Clifford. Every now and then I catch my wife watching it, too (and we don't have any kids). She finds it to be very Zen.