Question: With Ashton and Topher leaving That 70's Show at the end of the season, who will take their places next season? — Kyle

Ausiello: I asked exec producer Dean Batali that very question and here's what he said: "We're not sure we need new characters. We still have eight regulars on this show, when you count the parents and Tommy Chong. We now have four kids instead of six kids. We probably will have a fifth kid around, but we just can't say for sure who that's going to be yet. There are a few actors who we've been looking at, but they may not be available because of pilot season and other things. We sort of hope to revisit some of the characters we've seen in the past that we've enjoyed having here, like Seth Green and Eliza Dushku. Whether or not we have a brand-new regular, we simply do not know yet. We're going to miss these two actors, but we feel the remaining actors are very capable of carrying this show."