Question: Can you answer a question for me and my friends? Actually, you're really settling a debate. In an episode of The Newlywed Game, did someone ever answer, "Oh, that would be in the butt, Bob?" (or something similar) after Bob Eubanks asked for the strangest place the couple had ever made whoopee? Curious minds really need to know! Thanks! — Alyson, Hoboken, N.J.

Televisionary: It makes a great story, huh? The oddest thing is that I was going to tell you it never happened, especially since TV Guide reported it was an urban legend in 1999 when we put together our second "TV Confidential" roundup. "It's to the point where it's odd if someone hasn't heard it," host Eubanks told our writers. "I have been told that it was on the training film for the Albuquerque Police Department. That was the weirdest one."

However, if you caught NBC's Most Outrageous Game Show Moments on May 22, you saw that moment on tape. It turns out some caring individual dug up tape of the game in which Eubanks did indeed ask a woman about unusual places to make whoopee. Confused, she answered, "In the a--?" When Eubanks introduced the clip on the special, the former host explained he'd completely forgotten about the incident and had no idea the footage existed.

Now you can go educate the other "curious minds" there in Hoboken — a town I lived in for a spell, by the way. Maybe you can start with the guy wearing the Mr. Slice costume outside the pizza joint at Eighth and Garden. He was a rather crusty individual, as I remember.