Question: What was the name of the black and white cartoon that had what looked like human lips talking inside the characters? I believe it was about either ships or submarines and I think one of the characters was named Scotty. Thanks. — Paulie, Williamsport, Pa.

Televisionary: You're thinking of Space Angel, a series of four-minute shorts produced and syndicated in 1962. With character designs by comics and cartoon legend Alex Toth (Space Ghost), Space Angel related the adventures of the titular, eyepatch-wearing rocket-man hero (real name Scott McCloud) , who helped guard the universe from various villains (the evil Queen Zora in particular) in his vessel, the Evening Star. Along for the ride were cohorts Taurus, a mechanic; Crystal Mace, a scientist/navigator; and Professor Mace, Crystal's genius dad.

The show isn't quite a cartoon since it involved Cambria Studios's patented Synchro-Vox system, which involved camera movement and the use of real actors' lips inside still frames to simulate animation. (If that process sounds familiar, you probably caught it on the company's earlier

Clutch Cargo series or in Conan O'Brien sketches.)