Question: When I was a youngster way back in a time known as the 1980s, I watched a Saturday-morning kids show called Hot Hero Sandwich. It was kind of like Kids Are People Too, but it featured a psychologist who talked with kids and celebrities. Can you tell me more about it and prove to my friends that I'm not crazy? Thanks! — Tim W.

Televisionary: As I always say, only a qualified professional can prove you're sane, Tim, but I can back you up on the show's existence.

Hot Hero Sandwich was one of those good (and good for you!) shows. A variety show for the kids-to-teens market, it launched on NBC's Saturday-afternoon schedule in November 1979 and featured comedy, music, skits and celeb guest-stars (Joe Jackson, KISS, Erik Estrada, Rachel Sweet, etc.) plus an in-house band to kick it when there were no musical guests to crank the tunes. Unfortunately, it was too substantive to last and it left the air the following April.

What kind of substance, you ask? How about a psychologist, Dr. Tom Cottle, who talked with the audience about relevant social topics each week? It was that kind of quality that earned it an Outstanding Children's Entertainment Series (Daytime) for the 1979-80 season. It was also that kind of quality, most likely, that got it canceled, since such smart fare doesn't tend to attract enough of the sugary-cereal crowd.