Question: In the '50s there was a show called Lucky Pup on CBS, I think. It was a puppet show like Kukla, Fran &#038 Ollie. It might have been on at the same time. It had a magician called Foodini the Great. What were the others in the show named?

Televisionary: The show actually ran from August 1948 to June 1951, starting off on CBS's morning schedule before jumping to evening hours. (You're correct about the timing — Kukla, Fran &#038 Ollie was on NBC's schedule from 1948-52, then jumped to ABC from 1954-57.)

The setup of the series, created by puppeteers Hope and Morey Bunin, was that the titular Lucky Pup was willed $5 million by a dearly departed, wealthy circus lady. Fellow circus denizens Foodini and his dense assistant, the aptly named Pinhead, tried their darndest to relieve the pooch of his riches, but never succeeded.

Jolo the clown provided additional yuks and live narrator Doris Brown helped make sense of it all for the kiddies.

If you're really dying to catch up with the show, old episodes are available on video.