Question: So, with the cancellation of Carniv&#224le, what can we expect from HBO? More cutting-edge, seat-gripping shows like, um, The Comeback with Lisa Kudrow? — Beth

Ausiello: How'd you see The Comeback? Only privileged media types like myself get to watch TV shows months before their premiere. But to answer your insult-within-a-question, yeah, The Comeback kinda blew. Lisa is pretty hilarious as a has-been sitcom star looking to make a, um, comeback, but the show as a whole just doesn't work. And don't even get me started on the gratuitous shaky-cam. I almost had to stop the tape because it was making me so nauseous. But the news isn't all bad for HBO. Deadwood still rocks my world, the final season of Six Feet Under sounds like it's gonna be killer and The Sopranos is returning in just 11 months.