Queen Latifah Queen Latifah

Back for her fifth consecutive gig, Queen Latifah reigns tonight as host of the 37th annual People's Choice Awards, which has added some new categories, such as Favorite TV Family and Favorite Horror Movie. We polled her on her plans for the fan-based kudofest and what any potential Kanyes should expect if they act up.

TV Guide Magazine: After five years, is this your comfort zone now?
Latifah: I don't know if it's ever a comfort zone, but it's comforting to be with the people. That's always the fun part. We never know what will happen with the show from year to year, but one thing we can rely on is that it is the people's awards and they are always excited.

TV Guide Magazine: Have you ever sought out tips from other awards-show hosts?
Latifah: I've gotten advice from Chris Rock, Steve Martin, Mo'Nique, Jamie Foxx... Oh, yeah, and Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams and Billy Crystal. I go to the sages.

TV Guide Magazine: Will you be doing parodies this year?
Latifah: Oh, yeah. We have some ridiculous parodies. [Laughs] Something involving some wizards and maybe some of your favorite television doctors.

TV Guide Magazine: Speaking of TV, would you ever con-sider doing another series?
Latifah: It would have to be something that I really loved. [Laughs] When we did Living Single, we always said, "TV money is good money." Television is a great place to be.

TV Guide Magazine: So Taylor Swift is nominated this year for a couple awards. Are you prepared to step in should someone try to cut her off?
Latifah: [Laughs] Maybe I'll cut her off this time, just to keep things interesting.

People's Choice Awards air tonight at 9/8c on CBS.

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