Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC Photo Quarterlife by Elisabeth Caren/NBC Photo

After seeing the abysmal ratings for NBC's Web-to-prime-time experiment with Quarterlife, it's obvious viewers thought the show's network turn was a mistake. Those viewers will get no argument from the show's co-creator Marshall Herskovitz.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, in a speech at the Harvard Business School's Entertainment & Media conference, Herskovitz told a group that the drama about a blogger and her group of twentysomething friends "never should have been a network show. It's too specific."

The show's premiere was the network's worst performance in the 10 pm time slot in at least 17 years, averaging 3.1 million viewers overall. No official cancellation has been announced, but sources believe it's likely the show's second episode - set for this Sunday - will never make it to NBC's air. Herskovitz suggested that the show will probably end up on cable.- Adam Bryant