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Quantico: Who's Caught on Tape in Grand Central? (Hint: Not Alex)

Plus: Ryan comes clean to Alex

Joyce Eng

At this point, Quantico should just be called Sex, Lies and Videotape.

After learning that Caleb (Graham Rogers) was on the list of agents stationed near Grand Central the day of the attack, Team Alex gets to work to figure out why in her hotel room on Sunday's episode. Apparently Caleb had been stationed in San Diego and requested a transfer to NYC days before the attack, but Shelby (Johanna Braddy) doesn't believe he did it.

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Finally planning to scour the Grand Central surveillance footage for Alex (after, what, two days?), the FBI calls in the one man for the job: Caleb, of course, who has access to the state-of-the-art D2 system. (Side note: Every time they say "D2," I think of The Mighty Ducks.) If you've seen the Canadian promo, you already know that Clayton (Mark Pellegrino) is Caleb's dad, and all's not well within the fam. "Unlike you and O'Connor, I can keep my personal and professional lives separate," Caleb says.

Simon (Tate Ellington) hacks into Caleb's computer so Alex (Priyanka Chopra) can monitor Caleb's every move on it, like when he deletes a file. The trashed footage shows him and Clayton arguing in the street, which gets Shelby all bent out of shape. And for good reason: Caleb next finds footage of Shelby making out in Grand Central with... Clayton! "He wasn't looking for me; he was looking for you," Alex says. Shelby reveals that she was on a rendezvous with Clayton at the Andaz (which is right by Grand Central), not in Buenos Aires, when the attack happened. When she confronts Caleb later, she defends herself by pointing out that his parents are separated, but his mom won't grant Clayton a divorce while still in office. Caleb guilt-trips her by saying he had really loved her, and it's probably the first time he hasn't come off as a douche.

Caleb retreats to the surveillance footage, going back two full days before the attack, which Alex points out to Simon is "way past" before she showed up there. But someone else was there: one of the twins. "That's it," Alex says. "It's them."

In the past, the twins are outed too. Simon and Raina-as-Nimah (Yasmine Al Massri) have a heart-to-heart about why he pretended to be gay, which results in her taking off her head wrap and them kissing. He later walks into Nimah's room and finds both of them there. Very discreet, guys. You'd think you'd lock the door when you're two people masquerading as one. Simon appropriately freaks out, a tussle ensues, he's knocked out and Nimah locks him in the closet. Insert your own "Simon's in the closet" joke here.

So are the twins behind the bombing? Meh. They certainly would be each other's accomplice, but with the show's And Then There Were None-esque style of introducing and ostensibly eliminating a suspect every week (or putting them on Team Alex), it'll probably clear both of their names next week.

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Other developments:

- Ryan has Alex's number saved in his phone as O'Connor (Josh Hopkins). It bites him in the ass when he answers a call at the HQ in front of Nathalie (Anabelle Acosta), who spots O'Connor in another room, hands devoid of a phone. "I think Agent Booth is in contact with Parrish," she later tells O'Connor. "I think he may be helping her."

- Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) tasks the NATs with surveilling her so she can get intel on her son Charlie (J. Mallory McCree), who's now out on parole. Too bad she didn't give O'Connor a heads-up. After a chat with Charlie at Miranda's house, he catches Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) outside and presumes he's tailing him because he took him off the Alex op. "The assistant director actually had us surveilling her for an assignment. Congratulations. You just blew your own op with Alex," Ryan says, as Alex overhears the whole convo. Ryan comes clean to her, insisting his feelings for her are real, but she switches rooms with Nathalie, who's now Ryan's bathroom (and future shower sex) buddy. O'Connor tells Alex that he had Ryan follow her to see her true intentions because of her dad, but now it's over. Or is it? Alex later spies on O'Connor placing a call: "This is O'Connor for Haas. Tell him it's urgent."

- Miranda's been spying on Charlie with a hidden camera in a copy of War and Peace. (Between this and The Catcher in the Rye, what's the next lit classic that's gonna pop up?) She later finds Charlie at the school he was going to attack, where we learn that she found his note on the day of the planned attack and burned it to get him convicted on a lesser charge. "I burned it and that's the only reason you're out of that place, and that terrifies me because I don't know if I did the right thing or if I just made it easier for the next time you want to shoot somebody," she says. Not-so-subtle set-up for Charlie as a red herring for the Grand Central attack, eh?

- Some other family info: O'Connor has a daughter who attended the school that Charlie was going to attack. They no longer speak. Miranda's husband and Charlie's father, who knew about O'Connor and Miranda's affair, is now dead.

- We get a little more info on Jacob Artist's trainee Brandon, who's rich and flirts it up with Shelby. Caleb is all butt-hurt because he thinks Sheldon is a couple and he's just Shelby's sidepiece. Brandon is actually dating Nathalie and Shelby reassures Caleb he's her main piece by happily performing a sex act he found on his phone that's too X-rated for our innocent eyes. (I'm sure Mark Raymond posted it on his Facebook page.) All these couple permutations are gonna outpace Grey's Anatomy at this rate.

- Elias (Rick Cosnett) signs his notes like Gossip Girl.


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