Another Gossip Girl ad campaign, another controversy.

A series of print/online ads touting the CW series' sophomore season uses sound bites from condemning critics to play up the show's OMG factor. In one ad, an ecstatic Serena is labeled as "Every Parent's Nightmare," while another featuring naked Nate wields the headline "Mind-Blowingly Inappropriate."

The individual ads can be seen here (Blair), here (Chuck), here (Nate) and here (Serena).

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That "Inappropriate" non-dorsement is attributed to the Parents Television Council, which is none too happy to see its words twisted. "I think it reeks of desperation, if they have to position themselves as so edgy and so controversial that they've been called out by us," the group's director of communications tells the AP.

CW marketing boss Rick Haskins in turn counters that the mission was to employ headlines that speak to the audience. He told, "Just like with any ads that we do, we looked for well-written quotes from third-party outlets that support our new unconventional campaign, one that we believe speaks directly to Gossip Girl's sophisticated, media-savvy young adult fans."

"There were several quotes that we considered," he added, "but the four that were chosen really capture what the show is about in a tongue-in-cheek way."

Indeed, the show does feature many tongues in cheeks. I say, "Job well done." - Matt Mitovich

" The CW Puts Gossip Girl Back on the Web