Psy and Snoop Dogg Psy and Snoop Dogg

Just what you've always wanted! Psy is back with a new music video featuring Snoop Dogg.

As you might expect with a song titled "Hangover," the video features Psy and Snoop coping with the after-effects of a wild night out, including knocking down shots like dominoes and playing saxophone surrounded by beautiful women.

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Since the video was uploaded late  Sunday night, "Hangover" has already been viewed upwards of 6 million times. Psy must feel pretty proud right now, since only weeks ago his "Gangnam Style" video broke records for surpassing two billion views.

And while it's great to see Kpop finally crossing over, if you are even mildly amused or impressed by Psy, consider checking out fellow Korean artists Girls Generation2NE1  or G-Dragon (who happens to have a project with Psy in the works right now). But for now, watch "Hangover" below.