Project Runway - Emilio Sosa, Seth Aaron Henderson, Mila Hermanovski Project Runway - Emilio Sosa, Seth Aaron Henderson, Mila Hermanovski

SPOILER ALERT: The following story reveals the winner of Project Runway Season 7.

After a season of challenges, curveballs and critiques, the final three Project Runway contestants — Mila, Seth Aaron and Emilio — faced off at Bryant Park Fashion Week during the Season 7 finale.

Project Runway's Mila: I got a "bitchy edit"

The competition began with the designers sizing up each other's collections before selecting their models and having their hair and makeup consultations (complete with shameless product placement).

The morning of the show, the designers scrambled to perfect their looks, and both Mila and Emilio freaked about their no-show models and rushed to find replacements.

First to show was Seth Aaron, whose collection was inspired by 1940s German and Russian military. Mila's shadow-inspired designs were next, followed by what Emilio described as his "Color Me Bad" collection.

Project Runway's Emilio: I focused on challenges, not what I was saying

The designers faced the judges — with country singer Faith Hill serving as guest judge.

Here's how things panned out during deliberation:

The judges were happy that Mila finally loosened up, and they loved her modern mix of textiles. But overall, they found her collection wasn't very surprising.

With Seth Aaron, they were impressed as to how much more polished and luxurious-looking his designs were, while still maintaining his edgy flavor. His final purple dress, however, was a bit too costumey for their taste.

Project Runway's Seth Aaron: Tim helped me raise the bar

Emilio's flowing green dress floored the judges, but they found the rest of the collection was more quiet and commercial than they had hoped for.

The first designer dismissed was Mila, leaving Seth Aaron and Emilio. And in the final moments of the episode, Seth Aaron was crowned the champion. (Going into the competition, 69 percent of users said they wanted to see Seth Aaron win.)

What do you think of judges' decision? Weigh in on which look of the evening was your favorite and what you think of the winner below!